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Catamount Co-Enrollment Transfer Pathway

An Associate’s Degree can open so many doors — including the door to a Bachelor's degree at UVM. Now, Community College of Vermont students working towards an Associate’s degree can make progress towards a Bachelor’s degree at UVM at the same time.

How’s it work? We know that you’re investing in your studies at CCV, working to build your academic foundation so you can continue down your career path. Your pathway to a Bachelor’s degree is even closer, and the courses you take at CCV could count towards both your Associate’s degree and your Bachelor’s.

Catamount Co-Enrollment Transfer Pathway is a fully integrated program for students who are excited to set a transfer plan in motion, completing degree requirements through a shared curriculum that includes ongoing support services designed to give you the resources and confidence you need to succeed.

Courses are held on campus in the Grossman School of Business and start August 30, 2021.