Are you interested in how epidemiology, risk assessment, risk communication, and policy can protect and improve public health? If you are looking to advance your career in public health, consider joining the UVM Environmental Public Health Graduate Certificate Online Program.

Did you know:

  • Environmental public health is a multidisciplinary field that addresses the biological, chemical and physical environmental factors that can adversely affect human health.

  • We’re living in an age of growing environmental health concerns—climate change, pollution, and ecosystem disruption—and developing leaders in environmental public health is more important than ever.

Leading the Way in Public Health

UVM’s 18-credit, graduate-level program is a collaboration between the College of Medicine, Continuing and Distance Education, and the Graduate College at UVM.

The program will help you:

  • Evaluate, promote, and improve health across populations

  • Explain barriers to public health and discuss health-promotion strategies

  • Collaborate with a network of professionals in healthcare, government, and non-profit organizations

  • Learn basic epidemiology skills, such as descriptive epidemiology

  • Understand environmental factors and exposure routes affecting health

  • Navigate community resources

  • Prepare for further graduate study or research in public health and related fields

Do you want to tackle environmental public health challenges facing the world and make a difference?

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