Are you interested in the medicinal, holistic benefits of cannabis?

UVM’s Medical Cannabis Programs—the first academic program of their kind nationwide—could be for you. Did you know:

  • Twenty-three states, including Vermont, and the District of Columbia have now legalized cannabis use for medicinal purposes.

  • Acceptance of marijuana for medical and recreational use continues to gain legal backing in more states and physicians and scientists seek more information about how it acts in the body.

  • Cannabis provides patients with more than just relief from pain and nausea. It also has cardiovascular benefits and affects the endocrine system as a hormone regulator.

Be Part of a New, Groundbreaking Program

Clinicians need access to high-quality education on up-to-date research and clinical applications of cannabis for therapeutic use. Researchers, professionals, and students need education on cannabis law, policy, plant biology, chemistry, and cannabis’s biological effects on the human body.

UVM’s Medical Cannabis Programs—offered on campus and online—include a course, certificate program, speaker series, and online modules. Topics include:

  • The history of cannabis

  • The effects of cannabis on human physiology

  • The issues related to cannabis’ legal production as a medicine and the benefits and risks of its medicinal use.

If you are a clinician, student, researcher, or professional interested in the benefits and complexities of medicinal cannabis, learn more about participating in the UVM Medical Cannabis Programs.

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