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As a proud alumni of the University of Vermont, you understand the transformative power of education. Now, it's time to provide your high-school-aged children with a head start on their academic journey through our exceptional Pre-College Programs. These programs offer a gateway to success, enabling your children to earn credits, explore unique subjects, and showcase their abilities to top-tier college admissions.

Your student can distinguish themselves as the next generation of Catamounts and earn college credit now, which can easily transfer into UVM through three programs:

  1. Pre-College Courses - on campus & online
  2. Summer Academy - 2 weeks on campus & 2 weeks online
  3. Refer-A-Catamount

High school students can enroll in UVM courses each Fall, Spring, or Summer to gain college credits while experiencing UVM. Vermont junior and senior high school students can take advantage of the Vermont Dual Enrollment Voucher Program, which covers the tuition of up to two courses (up to 4 credits per course) at UVM for eligible students.

Out-of-state high school students and Vermont high school students who have used or are no longer eligible for the dual enrollment vouchers, may take courses and receive a 50% tuition reduction on the academic year rates. For summer, the 50% tuition reduction is on the prior year (fall/spring) academic rates. Students are responsible for paying all fees.

A brief overview of the programs your student will want to take advantage of is below.

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Discover Our Programs:

Pre-College Courses:

Empower your child's education with over 100 semester-long courses available throughout the year or intensive 4-week summer sessions. Whether they aim to earn credits, delve into a new passion, or stand out for college admissions, our diverse subjects and flexible start dates (spring, summer, and fall semesters) ensure the perfect fit. Your child will enjoy the benefits of both online and in-person learning.


Trending Summer Pre-College Courses:

  • Cultural Anthropology (online)
  • Human Biology w/Lab (online)
  • Computer Programming (online)
  • Elements of Statistics (online)
  • Contemporary Cinema (online)





Four-Week Summer Academy - July 1 - 28, 2024:

Our immersive Summer Academy is available to high school students who have completed the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade.

2024 Courses include:

  • Agroecology & Community Engagement
  • Intro to Forensic Diagnostics & Crime Scene Investigation
  • Health and Medicine
  • Facing Environmental Futures
  • Writing the Real World with Creativity
  • Biomedical Science and Human Disease
  • Introductory Neuroscience (online only)

Two weeks of online learning and two weeks on campus provide an unparalleled educational experience. Your child will forge lasting connections, engage with brilliant university professors, get a feel for college life, and gain insights that set them apart. Applications are open now. Inquire today using the form on this page.

**Online and commuter options are still available. The residential program is full for July 2024.


Become a catalyst for success. Recommend a high school junior, senior, or college student for our programs, and they'll earn a waiver for application referral fees. Your legacy of excellence paves the way for future scholars. Help them learn more about UVM by referring them to us in the Refer-A-Catamount program. Simply take a moment to complete this form.

Vermont Pitch Challenge:

The Vermont Pitch Challenge invites you to ask questions, and answer them: What is a problem facing your community, and how would you solve it? What product or service would make your community–or the world–a better place? How can you turn your passion–for sustainability, technology, food, art, or anything–into an impactful business that gives something back?   

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Explore Pre-College courses to help students prepare for the Vermont Pitch Challenge!

  • Business Admin: Business Savvy
  • Business Admin: Personal Finance & Investing
  • Speech: Effective Speaking
  • Statistics: Intro to Data Science


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