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A public health career offers an opportunity to impact the lives of individuals and communities locally, nationally, and globally. This is an exciting, challenging and rewarding field that continues to grow rapidly. Public health professionals are essential to keeping our communities safe and healthy, and the work you do is extremely rewarding. 

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No matter if you are a practicing public health professional or are new to the field, earning your public health education credentials will greatly broaden your view of public health around the country and the world. Some of the skills that you will be able to highlight because of your time in the University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine programs include:

  • Implement best practices in community approaches to public health.

  • Design effective planning and evaluation procedures.

  • Apply effective research protocols and interpret the findings.

  • Describe current health care problems and how modern approaches are considered.

All of the above skills can be highlighted throughout your career and our Public Health Career Resource Center provides an online location to support your success. Bookmark this page, as you will want to refer to it throughout your public health career journey.

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